Do you agree…showering together doesn’t really have anything to so with showering, or there being enough room?

I think it’s the act itself…being together, touching each other, caressing one another, etc…

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gEt OUtSIDe of YoUR REALity!!!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if some people could experience life away from the reality they’ve created for themselves. This is not about changing someone, or making them think like you do; it is more about opening them up to see more of what’s out there and how life is so different from the circle that they are currently living in.

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The Mystic Mystery

What is it that I know, that I don’t know.
A self diagnosis of myself only leads me to believe what I think I know.

Whatever that means…

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…and the answer is?

Should a wife purposefully plan or be conscious to fulfill her husband’s sexual needs?

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Life on a Page

Wouldn’t it be awesome to live your life on a page…

Anything you write or could imagine would burst forth into reality.

If you could write your own life’s story…what would it be?

Romantic Drama
A Comdey
Guy gets girl / Girl gets guy
Cinderella Story
Tear Jerker

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All Twisted

Sometimes when I’m at work, I want to be at home. And when I’m at home, I want to be at work…it’s crazy! When I’m sitting at my desk I see myself at home sitting on the back patio, just relaxing…but when I’m at home I never do that!!! What’s up with that??? I was telling my wife the other day that we live a boring life. I mean we don’t do nothing; and not that there isn’t anything to do. Man, I too young…we’re too young to be a couple of bump on a log. It seems as if everything is all twisted up and there’s no clear focus, purpose, desire on anything right now.

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Noah and The Whale!

So my son used to listen to Noah and the Whale…and The Drum too! Eccentric out of the norm type of music that deep down inside I can dig too! Not something that I listen to everyday. It’s kinda like elevator music or department store music; or better yet, coffee shop music. Personally, I wouldn’t go out and buy these songs or music, but if I were in such a place I wouldn’t mind it and would listen. So I created a Noah and the Whale station on Pandora. I’m listening to it now….:)

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