Random Thoughts

When I was in the Army, stationed in Germany, I can remember being in the field on a field problem. Field Problems is what we called them when we went into the woods, countryside, etc., to play war. I was an old comms guy which meant I worked out of a tactical communications van. I also worked relay, which meant that I was often away from the main body site and often position on top of a mountain somewhere.

I remember one night…early morning…it had to be maybe 2AM or so. There was a full moon and stars packed the sky. I can definitely say that I know the meaning of the phrase “pure as the undriven snow”, for on that night the snow was so pure and white it looked as if it glowed. The entire area was blanketed with snow and neither man nor beast had walked on it. I remember walking out of my van to get some fresh air, and also trying to stay awake. I remember walking through the trees until I came to this huge open area.My jouney on that night was one of the most serene and beautiful nights I’ve ever experienced. As I walked along, the noise of the generators soon seemed to fade as crunching sound of the snow beneath my boots invaded my head. When I got to that open area in the woods, the moonlight beemed off of the snow. It was so bright and peaceful. I remember standing there breathing as puffs of breath escaped from my mouth as I exhaled. The hum of the generators was almost non-existent as I stood there in awe! At that moment it wasn’t even cold anymore.


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