A Moment

As their eyes lock, the fuse of a bomb is soon lit.

Inside…. hormones tingle and flash as the heat of passion overwhelms and bring them together in lust.

Their bodies cling, grinding intensely as the heat produced grows to a level that’s unable to control.

Inside he travels; thrusting and thriving, as she sings her song of pleasure at an octave that he controls, 

Sweat soon beads upon his back as the moment builds…soon to be released.

So farther they travel;

Together on a journey of timely pleasure which they want to last forever,

But really only for a moment.

And now that moment comes; unable to contain the pressure that’s inside her she implodes within, ringing out with a sound that can only be reproduced within this special moment of time…

Wishing it could last forever…

But it’s only for a moment.

And as she grasps his body, he explodes; releasing his life’s seed that will live on forever…

But it only took a moment.

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