Memories and Loneliness

As the tea-kettle whistles its song of completeness, I rise from my chair where I now spend my days. For seventy years I’ve lived and died again; each time different from the one before. My battles of everyday life were fought with great dignity and pride. A soldier I was, growing up through the ranks of life; learning from those who’ve been where I’m destined to go, and teaching those who’re on their way to where I’ve been.

I’ve traveled to every corner of the world; in mind or reality, seeing all there is to be seen and doing all there is to be done. My mind has grown, from that of a young boy to one of a stumbling old man. The adventures for me are now over. Life slowly passes me by as I sit in my chair and remember the days when I once passed old men sitting in their chairs. Ya know, I’ve always wondered what they were thinking about.

Now I know…

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