Cold and alone she travels nowhere;

From a world of solitude brought forth by the troubles and pain of a problem that causes her to wander.

Where shall her path lead?

The road that takes her away only leads to more sorrows and grief.

The streets are her home now, for now she lives them. Her front yard is the back yard of those who’re there before her.

Her meals were our meals, being that which we did not want not soothes the cries of hunger that call from deep within her soul.

When we see her we pause,

Hoping to slip by before she can beg for anything.

Our ignorance controls our thoughts; and our thoughts control our actions,

For our actions shy us away,

When we should draw near.

Love for one another is lost in today’s society. Lifting hatred and pain to a height which is hard to bring down.

We need to come together,

Together we need to come;

To bring our runaways home.

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