On Sunday mornings I watch portions of Lift Every Voice on BET. It seems as if everyone has a “I’ve been molested” story. I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen, because that is what I’m about to talk about. But it just seems to me that EVERYONE who comes on that show says they have been molested or violated as a kid. If being molested or violated is a prerequisite for being in the entertainment business, Gospel or Secular, then you can keep it.

Anyway, here’s my story. I had to have been in the 3rd or 4th grade…I think 4th. Me and my younger cousin was staying the night over at my grandfather’s house. My Aunt, who was probably late teens was also staying there. I had two other cousins friends who lived in the area. Well, one morning my grandfather had gone for the morning. He didn’t work. He would go around the corner to this old abandoned house and sit on the porch with his buddies and watch the cars go by. All they would do is sit there shoot the breeze all day. That morning I linked up with my friends early. As kids we used to get into all sorts of things. We used to run around the neighborhood and get into all sorts of stuff. On the weekend we ALL used to love going over to my grandfather’s house because he used to keep his kitchen stocked with cases of sodas, cookies, fruit, honey buns, etc. He lived in what they call a “shotgun house”. Ya know, one of this long houses that go straight back and you can look through the front door and see out the kitchen door which was all the way in the back. There was no livingroom. When you walk in the front door you were in the front bedroom. The next door would take you into the middle bedroom. If you keep straight, you’ll have a small hallway and the bathroom was on the side. That small hallway continued on to the kitchen which was all the way at the back.

So me and my younger cousin was staying the weekend with my grandfather. As I mentioned, my Aunt (who was his daughter, my mother’s sister) was also staying at the house. Now don’t get confused, this is not the Aunt I was living with after my mom was killed. This was her younger sister. Anyway, that morning I got up and went to my friend’s house. My younger cousin stayed at the house because he was of course “younger” and that’s just the way it was. Well, we ended up back at the house. Me, my two friends (who were brothers) my younger cousin, and my aunt. My friends and I were all about the same age and being young boys were interested in sex. The memories are vague now, but all I do remember is that my friend got my Aunt to have sex with us. We were supposed to take turns doing it. I don’t remember how I felt back then. I don’t even remember if I thought it was right or wrong. All I know is that I wanted to do it to. So, my aunt went in the room, took her clothes off was naked on the bed. One of my friends went in there, got on top of her and started pumping. We were at the door peeking in and I remember seeing his little but going up and down. A few minutes later he was finished and his brother went in. Now here is where the “Almost” molested title of this post comes from. See it was my turn next. I went in the room, but one of my friends looked out the window and saw my grandfather coming down the street. We all ran out of the kitchen back door and back over to my friend’s house.

Remember my little cousin??? Well, he wanted to do it to. I know….sad. We told him that he was to little to “do it”. When my grandfather finally got home, my little cousin was still there and he told on us. He said he told because we wouldn’t let him get any.

This is a sad story. I don’t even remember what happened, if anything, to us or my aunt. I can honestly say that I haven’t seen her in over 30 years. She is still alive somewhere, but I don’t know where. My cousin is living a hard life in Louisiana. My two friends are somewhere in the world. One did go into the Army and the other I lost track of. I ran into their mother a few years ago when I went back to Louisiana to visit.

I do have another Aunt that I remember sleeping in the bed with over my grandfather’s house. There was no intercourse or anything like that. I just remember many times being in the bed and reaching between her legs and feeling on her coochie. I guess the sad part is that she didn’t ever stop me from doing what I was doing.

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