Big Tally-Wackers

I’ve heard somewhere that if you go “downtown” on a woman and you’re really good at it, that it’s almost like putting a spell on her. Is that true?

Well, I don’t know about that but I do know if you tell a man that he has a big “tally-wacker” then he’ll remember that for the rest of his life, lol! Now I say tally-wacker for the sake of not being vulgare or rude. I could say penis but that term is too technical. Anyway, I would say that I’m a little larger than the average guy. I remember after the first time I had sex with this one young lady said, “omg, I didn’t think you were gonna be that big”. And then she sealed the deal by saying, “you got me addicted now”. I can tell you that I’ve been with my fair share of women over the course of my life…so many that I can’t name them all (and that’s not a bragging point by no means). However; I bet you I can name every one that told me I had a big *%$@!

But let me also say this. The size of a man’s package doesn’t mean much when comes to making her sing that song that ALL men love to hear. Let’s face it, your job isn’t done until she sings that song right…and you all know what I’m talking about..the “O” song. There’s nothing better a man wants to hear than his women reaching that exhilarating point. And like I said, it doesn’t matter the size of the package you’re working with just as long as it gets the job done, right!

But I gotta tell ya….a nice package will have her hitting a whole lotta different notes along the way 😉

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