I take pride in my profession,

For there are those who are dependent upon the services I surrender.

I work in the hospitals of America, but I am not a doctor.

I frequent the offices of the most prestigious law firms, but I am not a lawyer.

I speak to members of congress and walk the halls of our nation’s capital, but I am not a politician.

There are people who wait weeks for appointments with big company executives, yet they call me daily.

I have seen the house of Elvis, and have been to all of his parties. You see Hollywood’s big movie stars on the silver screen, while I see them face to face.

I am content with my job, and I am good at what I do.

Yet, there are those who think I am less than they are because of my position.

They feel better about themselves by giving me a fancy name, while my duties and pay stay the same.

I love my job, and they do too.

They love coming to work every morning to find their trash has been dumped, their windows clean, their carpet vacuumed and their office smelling fresh…


I am not a doctor, a lawyer or a politician,

Nor am I a re-classified Janitorial Specialist,

I am…

A Janitor…and proud of it.

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One Response to Janitor

  1. jbphilosophy says:

    I’ve spent years working in the security industry. I’ve had to priviledge and honor of working with many janitors in the past, and even now. One day I was inspired, so I wrote this for them.

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