When the day begins we are there, preparing and organizing for those we support;

I am…A Secretary.

I am the backbone of the corporate industry; and though my boss may fight the war, I decide when…

I set meetings, appointments and schedules, ensuring the timeliness and availability of my employer.

I am the eyes and ears of Managers, Directors, and Presidents, making sure that he or she sees what needs to be seen and hears what needs to be heard.

I am an arsenal,

Arming my employer with facts and data, helping to support their cause, and reach their objective.

I am a barrier…

For through me is the only way to my employer,

Hence, I am importance….

I am…A Secretary.

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One Response to Secretary

  1. jbphilosophy says:

    There are three positions in an organization that knows everything that goes on…that’s the Janitor, the Security Officer, and the Secretary, lol! Throughout my years of working in security, I’ve worked with many great secretaries. This is for them.

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