Answer the Question, Man!!!

The presidential elections are winding down. I still don’t know who I am going to vote for and one of the reasons is because of the debates. Frankly, I’m tired of these politicians skating around the questions they are asked during the debate. When a “yes or no” answer is drawn out with a lot of slick mumbo jumbo, or to use one of their words “malarkey” it leaves me boiling hot. WHY DON’T YOU JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!!

I think those guys need to be on that show Around the Horn. Wouldn’t it be awesome to just cut their mic off when they are not answering the question, or when they are lying through their teeth. Look, we don’t need a whole lot of BS, just answer the question…and when you don’t, your mic is getting turned off. Better yet, if the candidate doesn’t answer the question right away without all of the rhetoric, then the moderator should ask the question again, and again, and again, until a straight forward answer is given.

Oh, and what is your policy, man! I’m sick and tire of these politicians saying they have a plan to fix this or to address that. Well, what is it??? Once again, when they start talking about their super-duper plans, and don’t tell us what the plan is, OFF WITH THE MIC.

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