…And She Liked Me

Well this was one crazy night. I was spending Spring Break with my oldest brother in Sierra Vista, Arizona. The brother I was living with had orders to go to Germany remember, and I was living with my sister in Louisiana. Anyway, my older brother (for some reason) moved to Sierra Vista which is outside of Fort Huachuca. So for the Spring Break, I went back there to see my old friends. One night I was hanging out with a couple of the old homies. I was pretty tight with two of them from the old days and the others were just guys that lived in the hood. I knew them and they knew me, but it wasn’t like we were tight or anything.

Anyway, they picked me up at my brothers house and we were just driving around. One of my cousins said, “so is she going to do it or what”. Now we weren’t real cousins. Remember the guys house I said I stayed over when I ran away that time…well, it was them. We ended up on post and went to this girls house. One of they guys went to her house and knocked on her window and she came out. She got in the car with us and we went to this park. Now I think this girl was one of those nymphomaniacs. I mean she loved sex and that night she had five guys…well FOUR!

When we got there everyone got out and mingled around for a bit. The next thing I know she got in the back seat and the first guy went in…then the next. Well, it was my turn next, lucky number three. Anyway I got in the back seat and was ready to do my thing. She was pretty too, who would have thought. Well, don’t you know the strangest thing happened. Let’s just say Viagra wasn’t around at that time so guess who showed up for the party…Mr. Limp Noodle!!!! Man, I couldn’t get hard for nothing. As I was trying to get pumped up for the occasion I told her I was sorry but it wasn’t going to happen for me that night. So I got out of the car a few minutes later and that was that.

Well, after Spring Break was over and I got back to Louisiana. One of my best friends I used to hang out with called me. In fact, he was the first one I stayed with when I ran away that time. He asked me if I knew that girl and also what happened. Turns out, that she was in one of his classes and found out that he and I were friends. Don’t you know that girl gave him a letter to send to me. I don’t remember everything, but she told me that I was nice to her and that she wish I was back in Arizona so that we could get to know each other more….yep, she started liking me. Go figure!!!!!!


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