A Worthy Opponent

A short story of passion and conquest…

She was a sassy one. She never wanted to let up and let me know that she desired me because it would make her look weak. See she was from a rough part of town. And although she had a body that would put all the JLo’s and Beyonces’ to shame, she often covered it up with baggy sweat pants and over-sized shirts. “Do you want to catch a movie tonight,” I asked. “I don’t care” she said. “What would you like to eat”? “It doesn’t matter”, she said. “Why can’t your soften up and tell me your desires”, I asked. “You’re always so hard and non contributing, as if you don’t want to be vulnerable with me”.

I told her to tell me her desires, her wants, her likes and dislikes. I could tell that she wanted to but it was hard. She had been let down so many times by the men in her life and just didn’t want to face it again. “What do you want me to tell you, boy”. I loved it when she called me boy. I guess it was the way she always said it…kind of sassy and rough. She didn’t know it but I could always tell when her guard was down. It showed through her eyes. “You know what you want to tell me, but you don’t want to say it”, I said. “And what is that” she replied. “You want me to make love to you, but you don’t want to say it”, I said. “Ha, you’re so crazy, never”, she said as she smirked and rolled her eyes. Now she didn’t know it but I already knew it was in the bag. See, that phrase “you’re so crazy” has always been a sign for me. Every women that has told me that has always said it in such a way that I knew they want to make love to me.

Hmmmmm, so you want to play hard to get and don’t want to give in huh. Ok…then. I got up from the couch and went into the bedroom. I closed the door and took me a cold shower. I did this because I had to be able to last. I had to be able to take my time and get her so hot and bothered that her panties would soon be soaking wet just from my touching and teasing. I took a cold shower so that my penis wouldn’t be so hard and the sensation of reaching an orgasm wouldn’t come so fast. No, I was going to put in some serious foreplay and break her. She was like a wild mare that have never been ridden and I was going to be her master.

Once I finished my shower I called her into the room. She came inside and stared at me like I was crazy. Before she could say a word, I walked up to her and tilted my head to the side and look into her eyes. She looked back at me as if to say, “What!!!”. I walked around and stopped behind her. I brushed up against her and slowly moved close to the nape of her neck. I took a deep breath and inhaled as I moved closer and closer until she could feel the heat of my breath. I touched my lips to her neck and slowly peaked my tongue out and kissed her gently. I kissed her ever so gently as she stood there like a stone. Yeah, this is going to be hard I thought. It is going to be hard to break her but those panties are coming off and I’m getting in there. I continued to kiss her on the neck, sucking and licking that tender spot right by the collar-bone and the neck. I slowly moved up to her ear and kissed it so gently. I got a little sign that she was liking that because she shifted her feet, trying to pretend as if she was tired of standing in that position. I walked around and stood directly in front of her. I looked into her eyes and tried to hear her thoughts…”What!!!!” is what I heard….”I’m not breaking”.

Now the challenge was getting even more challenging. I walked towards her, bumping up against her and pushing her back towards the bed. When she reached the bed she stopped. Now I wasn’t going to push her on the bed, nor make her lay down. No, she has to do it herself…that would be another sign to me. So I got down on my knees and raised up her shirt. Not all the way, but just far enough to expose her stomach. It wasn’t flat and it wasn’t fat…it was just right cause I like a little meat on my bones. As I knelt there before her, I inhaled deeply. As I began to nibble around her naval, I exhaled slowly as my tongue saturated her skin. I moved slowly to the side and began to suck on the area by her hipbone. Yes, that’s another sensitive spot that is often miss. As I nibbled I slowly pulled down those baggy sweats, only enough to expose the top of her panties. It was then that I got my second sign. She closed her legs together ever so slightly. It wasn’t enough to notice…but I did. At that point she sat down on the bed. When she did so, I looked into her eyes again and she was still fighting me. I knew she wanted me to make love to her but she wasn’t going to say it, nor was she going to respond. This was a tough nut to crack. I slipped her shoes off and stood up. As I did so, I took her by both hands and pulled her up with me. I reached down and lifted up her baggy shirt right over her head. I unsnapped her bra that latched in the front. Wow!!!! I thought to myself. Her breast were amazing. Who would have thought that such perfect breast. Her nipples were erect, standing up like two soldiers at attention on a parade field. Getting the sweat pants off wasn’t hard at all. In fact, they came off without any hesitations or resistance. So, there we stood at the foot of the bed. She was there in a pair of lacy lavender silk panties that were still dry….my work is not over.

I grabbed her by the hand and walked her over to the side of the bed. I snatched the covers back and layed her down. Now all this time, there wasn’t a word spoken. I stood there beside the bed with nothing but a bath towel wrapped around me. Surprisingly she moved over to the center of the bed. When I got into the bed she looked at me with those eyes. Her eyes were still telling me that she wanted me to make love to her, but not a sound came from her mouth. I started kissing her on her stomach…slowly up and down the center of her stomach and between her breast. Nibbling here, and nibbling there, I made my way around the base of her breasts. As I did so, I noticed that her finger was tapping on the bed beside her…she slowly breaking down. Eventually I made my way to her nipple. I didn’t suck it right away. No, I kind of hoovered above it with my tongue inhaling and exhaling as I got closer and closer to it. When my tongue finally touched her nipple I felt her stomach sink down just a little. Hmmmm, I thought to myself. You must like that, huh….I did the same thing to the other nipple and slowly made my way back down her stomach. I stopped right around that hip bone and sucked her skin right there so slowly. I felt her move her feet over a little and knew that was another sign. Although her panties were still on, I moved down the inside of her thigh. I lingered there for awhile as this is another sensitive spot that’s bound to cause a reaction…and a reaction it did. While it was very subtle, she opened her legs just a little. As I moved over to the other thigh I let my tongue gently slide over her coochie. Ahhhh, I could tell that it was definitely wet…but not enough. I continued to kiss and suck on her inner thigh all the way down to her feet. I lifted her left leg up into the air and proceeded to nibble and suck on the backside of her leg and thigh until I was back up near her panties. I slowly reached up and pulled them down and off…and tossed them on the floor. I looked down to see that her coochie lips were nice and fat, and definitely ready….but not yet!

I made my way back up to her nipples and attacked them. Not roughly, but definitely with a little more intensity. I moved up to her neck and began to suck it softly as she wrapped her arms around my back. When she didn’t pull the towel off me, I knew I had some more work to do…she wasn’t totally broken down yet. I slowly back away from her and looked into her eyes. For about 10 seconds I stared at her…and didn’t say a word. Then I lifted up both of her legs and began to suck and lick the back of her thigh again. This time I slowly moved around to her coochie that was now dripping wet. Slowly, I slid my tongue along the sides of her coochie lips….teasing and teasing with my tongue until I felt her arch her back up as if she wanted more. I barely moved my tongue over her clit, ever so slightly. Although she didn’t say a word, she jumped and her legs clenched, and just as they clinched they opened wide…wider than they were before. Now she was ready. Now she was ready for me to enter…but she still wasn’t saying anything.

Now is where that cold shower paid off. By this time my penis would have been hard as a rock and ready to explode. While it was hard, I still had time to work before my game would have been over. It is just a fact that most women can outlast a man anytime. No, I had to last until she came and then I could release. But my patience was wearing thin on me…and my excitement was getting the best of me. I raised up and moved directly on top of her. As I did so I took her arms and moved the out to the side. I reached down and pulled her legs open and look her in the face. By this time her eyes were closed and I said the first words since we began…Open your eyes! At first she didn’t respond. “Open your eyes”, I repeated. Slowly she opened her eyes. For a moment I stayed there looking deep inside her. So hard, and tough she was…but down inside she was sweet and gently. As soon as I saw her mouth begin to open I thrust-ed my penis deep inside her. Her mouth opened wider but she didnt’ say a word. I looked at her eyes and they got as big as a full moon. Slowly, I pumped her, faster and faster, harder and harder. I kept it for about 3 minutes until I felt as if I was loosing. She was breathing hard…and harder but not making the sound I was wanting to hear. I knew my time was getting close so I slowed down. You want to be hard huh….I thought. “you just don’t want to give in”. So I slowed down…I pushed her legs up and back and went as deep inside her as I could. I explored her…I stroked deep, slow, left, right until finally I found that spot. I knew I hit it when she let out a whimper….ahhhhh, I got it now. So then I attacked it slowly. I began to grind her slowly…hard…and deep…keeping my penis on that spot…in…out…in…out….around, around. Then I started to long stroke her….in and all the way out….in and all the way out….back to that spot until that moment came. I felt her begin to shiver and quiver. Her breathing began to turn into deep sighs and whimpers and I stroked and stroked. All of a suddend she grabbed me and pulled me close….Ohhhh Shit….she yelled!!!! I pumped harder and harder…deeper and deeper, not faster, but constantly hitting that spot everytime…..until all of a sudden….no, I had to see this…I had to make sure she was broken and that I was her man….I yelled out to her…open your eyes, open your eyes…I had to see her eyes when she came….open them I said….I pumped harder, harder, faster, faster until she finally opened them….I continued to pump…in and out….around and around….and all of  a sudden her eyes almost exploded and he screamed out….ohhhhhhhh fuck,……ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! She squeezed me pulled me deeper inside her as she came down from her orgasmic high. I couldn’t hold out any longer and I came deep inside her.

I raised up on my hands and stared into her eyes and she began to cry……

why did you do that to me?

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