Guy gets Girl / Girl gets Guy Movies

I love those guy gets the girl or girl gets the guy movies. Why? I don’t know. There’s something about the underdog, sad situation, happy ending saga to it all. One of my favorite lines/scenes come from the movie Love and Basketball. It was when she told him that she loved him since they were 10 and the %@#$ just won’t go away. Man!!!! that was a capturing moment. And who wouldn’t cry during the next iconic scene when they are on the basketball court playing for hearts and love in an all out 1 on 1. That song from Me’shell NdegeOcello is the icing on the cake. Yep, I cried…grown men do cry. Sometimes, every blue moon I”ll watch those scenes when I’m feeling lonely, lost and sad. That may seem like a stupid thing to do, especially when its a heartbreaking type of moment. I don’t know, it is just feeds the pitty-party moment and after the cry…”my cry” or “teary moment” I seem a little better.

Another one of those movies is Brown Sugar. Now that was a good one too. I love how they made the parallel connection between the two lovers and Hip Hop, bang!!!! that was it. When they were on phone during that radio interview and he told her that he didn’t want to be her friend anymore, I was like YEAH!!!!

What is it about these type of movies? I don’t know. I do know I like’em. I guess I can relate to the overall comparison to life that these movies bring. No…not the getting the girl part because I just don’t think it is that for me. But it is the whole thing about loosing out on some really vital parts of life and finally getting them in the end. In these movies it is love and an almost unreal relationship. I mean, do these type of scenarios really happen. Ha, I think they do. Yeah, I know it’s a movie, and that the storyline comes from the creative mind of the writer, but I do think those scenarios are out there. Ya know, it’s funny…when I was in the Army, for a small amount of time I hung out with a group of friends and our times could have very well be a TV sitcom….almost like episodes of Friends or even Jerry Seinfeld.

Anyway, for me, I would take a guess and say that it is the longing and missing out on the childhood I’ve always wanted and didn’t have. I got to tell you, those childhood moments are so important and they have a deep lasting effect on you for the rest of your life. Today, I walk around like nothings wrong, but deep down inside I’m still a 5 year old boy throwing a temper tantrum because he didn’t get the love and attention he needed. All of my life has been built upon that and it has shaped me. I survive and I go on, but survival and going on is not life. I don’t want to offend anyone, but I would say that it is like living in one of those middle-eastern countries that has been at war since your youth. I mean if you grow up in that environment and that is all that you know, you are going to adapt to it as being a way of life. But deep down, you know that this type of life just isn’t right. Even during the few months of calm with no bombing or attacks, it seems like life is fine and you should be happy but deep down you really can’t because it is so ingrained inside you that it becomes a part of you.

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2 Responses to Guy gets Girl / Girl gets Guy Movies

  1. The problem with these types of movies for me is that they build up a false hope that love always triumphs – this is not always the case, in fact it has never happened to me. Sometimes love is one sided and you don’t always have a happy ending. I may be cynical but I often think the credits roll at the right time beause if the movie carried on a month or so it wouldn’t be so interesting watching the petty arguments and the realisation it was all a big mistake.

    • jbphilosophy says:

      Lol…you’re right! Just like real life marriages…all lovey dovey in the beginning and then….”would you please just shut the @#$% up’…lol!

      But there is something we can get from those movies, even if it is just the warm tingly feeling that…man, I wish….

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