Ignore’em…It’s Hard, but works!

It doesn’t work all the time, but it does work.  I was stationed in Panama and was on special assignment, when this female soldier walked in. She had a sweet dark complexion, long wavy hair (not weave) pulled back into a pony-tail. She had one of those petite little bodies that was banging. I knew she was going to be trouble when she walked in, and I was right. The guys were falling all over her, stumbling around drooling and scratching like some ravening wolves. I walked outside to get my emotions and hormones under control and stayed out there for a while. It was then that I knew competing for time with her was going to be hard so I ignored her. Of course I was cordial and spoke to her…but it was brief and mainly “Hi” and “bye”.

My efforts finally paid off. About a week or so later she needed a ride home. Since we both lived on the same post, Sgt. Ford ask me if I could drop her off at her barracks. The end of the day came and off we went. On the way we started talking. “So what’s up with you”, she asked. “You act like you can’t speak or nothing”, she said. Of course, I played along and said, “what are you talking about, I speak to you”. Now my memory is a little vague, but somehow we ended up in downtown Panama. We were somewhere eating some ice cream and our conversation continued. She kept asking me why I didn’t speak to her so I let the cat out of the bag and told her. I told her that I thought she was fine as @#$% and I wanted to get with her the first time I saw her but didn’t want to compete with all of the attention that she was getting in the office, so I waited. Then she kind of sarcastically said, “and that was your plan”. I think I had a pretty good come back for that….I simply said, “Well, all of those other guys are out the picture and you’re sitting here with me eating ice cream”. She laughed and said, “damn, you’re right”.

We kicked it for a while. Didn’t show it as much at the office though. I just laughed inside at how the guys continued to throw themselves at her. She was one of the ones who told me I had a big “tally-wacker” so if you read my post about that you know I remember her name right…I’m telling you it’s like black magic or something. I remember I the first time we had sex. It was at her barracks in her room. Her roommate was gone and I was over there just visiting. When we were done she said, “Damn, I didn’t expect you to bring it like that”, “you know you go me hooked now, right”? I barely was able to get out the door because my head was so big…but I couldn’t let her know that so I played it off. “Yeah, I bet you tell all those nuckle-heads you mess with the same thing”, is what I said. She told me she was very picky about who she dated and talked to. Interestingly, she didn’t like guys that followed her around like little lost puppy dogs; and she also said she doesn’t like to be disappointed in bed…and ended it with….”And you definitely don’t have that problem”.

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