As years pass, we loose loved ones who are very dear to us. The pain is so strong that it may seem that we do not have the strength to go on.


In the mist of our darkness, there is light;  for our dearly beloved and our crying soul.

We know not why our father takes our loved ones away, nor how he wills the method of their departure.

But as we go on with our lives we are given a gift that enlightened even more, “Memory.”

We can remember the times we once rejoiced and shared with our loved ones, their smiles and their laughter; even their cries and pain.

When our time is abundant we tend to become accustomed to their presence.  Surely we have become accustomed to the trees. But if our Father took them away we would miss them dearly; the sounds of their rustling leaves and the way their shade cools our bodies on a hot summer’s day.

As we remember these things it brings us closer to that which

was, and is no more.

Our departed loved ones leave us with precious memories that

keep them with us until our time come.

And in turn, we leave those same wonderful memories for those

who follow.

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