New Old Society

As raindrops trickle down the windowpane the trail left behind symbolizes life, and all that there is.

My soul is calm;

creating a feeling of peace, as the cool mist of rain sprinkles

upon my face.

I sit in my window and face reality;

gazing at tomorrow’s society as they splash the mist which is now a

pool of water upon the city streets.

Where fourth shall their destiny take them.

Shall a place stricken with poverty produce a better future for

those who might not live to see it.

Dangers of death lengthens the days as mothers fear;

for innocence has no safety in a place populated by pain and death.

Each life lives;

Only to survive to a world where survival leaves them in a place where

they may have been better off dead.

So as life continues the cycles revolves, bringing fourth a new society;

only to live like the old one.

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