People Watching

I’ve spent many years in the security industry. I’ve worked some boring posts over the years. Working nights in office building is the pits. I would often walk around the look at all the pictures inside people’s cubicle and office. One thing I’ve picked up over the years is watching people and noticing trends and things about them. I remember one day I noticed that this lady would only wear prints…she would never wear solid colors or strips or two tones…only prints. This one lady would always wear a butterfly somewhere on her person. I remember this one guy walked into the building with a can of coke in his front pocket.

Today, I work at an airport and my people watching has increased tremendously. It’s fascinating to look at a person, their clothes, their hair, tattoos and wonder, “what is their life like”. Sometimes I just watch people walk. There are so many different types of walks out there it is ridiculous. Fast walks, slow walks, long strides, short strides, limps, skips, pimp walks, sexy walks, etc. Some walks are just plain ugly. I can’t stand a woman who has a dumpy type walk….lol, all it is good for is getting them to where they are going; no style, no class, no pzazz…nothing. If there is one thing (besides the obvious) I can tell a woman that men look at, it would be their walk. With a sexy walk you can walk right into a man’s heart….Lol!!!!

Sometimes I see people who seems really interesting. I don’t know, but there just seems something about them that’s intriguing. I love seeing people with their own eccentric look and style. I’m not into the black Gothic look. At one point I didn’t like looking at people who riddled their body with tattoos, but there’s just no getting around that today. So I just watch. Now I have seen a few interesting tattoos over the years.

Sometimes when I pull up to the stop light I look over at the person in the next lane and wonder….’where are they going” and “I wonder what’s their life like”. People are just interesting to me in a funny type of way. I guess over the years of sitting and observing people, my mind is intrigued. One day I was at the information desk in the baggage claim and a lady walked up. She just had that look so I asked her, “are you a teacher or professor”. She asked me, “why did you ask that”? I told her I didn’t know, but that she just looked like a teacher of some sort to me. Well, she laughed and said, no I’m retired…but I was a TEACHER. Every now and then I would do that and the guy working at the desk would say, man you’re good. I would get a lot of them right.

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