I work at an International Airport. As you can imagine, there are a host of interesting things to see and experience. One night I saw this young lady coming down the escalator. She was dancing to the beat of her own internal music….no headphones, no cellphone playing music…nothing. No, she was not just rocking back and forth or bobbing her head from side to side. No, she was dancing as if she was on the dance floor. And when she reached the bottom she really let loose for about 30-45 seconds. People were watching and gawking, but she didn’t miss a beat. The interesting thing is that she didn’t say a word, wasn’t moved by the people looking and didn’t stop.  She continued on over to the baggage carousel, claimed her bag and walked out the door.

I didn’t sense that she was intoxicated or on any kind of drugs or anything. She just seemed like a free person…not clogged up with the pressures of life and conformity that keeps many of us inside the mold that society has made for us.

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