No Means No…Or Does it?

Two young men were just recently convicted of raping a young girl at a party; and rightly so! Those young men should have got more than what they got. But this story does bring up the old question…Does no mean no?

Right off the bat I can tell you that I’ve been in several situation where I’ve been making out with a girl and of course trying to get her to go all the way. I mean why would a girl/woman let you rub all on her coochie, suck on her breast and even put your finger inside her and then says…”wait” when you’re about to put it in. Come’on, you gotta be kidding me. Now, is the guy wrong for trying to continue? Is he wrong for trying to coerce her to have sex at that moment. Today, I would tell any guy…YEP!!! You better stop. But ladies, you need to stop this mess out. If you don’t want to have sex then don’t even start playing the game. Talking about a guy trying to get to 1st base, please don’t even let him get up to bat if you’re gonna pull the plug at the last-minute. I remember making out with a girl and we were practically naked. Just as I was about to put it in, she pushed me away and said, “we can’t do this”…”please no”. So I kissed her and continued to rub on her coochie and she continues to pant and moan and all that jazz. So I get ready to put it in again and she says no. So I stop. Of course I was mad and ended up leaving.

Now of course I’ve been on the other side to. The title of this blog is Overcoming Adultery, and yes I’ve committed adultery. The woman I did it with was all over me. In fact, she told me that she wanted to “fool around” and asked me to meet her. Now, I knew it was wrong. And I was the foolish one for thinking that I would be able to resist but like a fool I went and met her anyway. She started rubbing on me and got me hard as a rock and I was like…girl stop it…I can’t do this. She took off her clothes and unbuttoned my pants and guess what….I let her. All the time I was saying, no…no…I can’t do this. The next thing I know I was sitting down and she straddled me. I put my hands under her arms and held her up and said “ok, stop I can’t”. Then she looked at me and said, “you know you want to”. I told her that I did want to do it…and that was the problem. Then she eased herself down on me and I felt this hot warm sensation and I knew I was inside her….and that was all it took. All the time I was thinking “what am I doing” but I was still screwing her like a mad man.

Now if the shoe was on the other foot, a man would have and probably have been accused of rape for that.

Women, you have to stop this. Regardless of what the situation is, please remember this. MEN ARE STRAIGHT FORWARD. If you mean yes, please say yes. If you mean no, please say no. Even today, my wife says no to things when I ask her, but she really means yes. Then she gets mad when I misinterpreted what she wanted. Come’on…STOP IT. Life would be much easier…lol!!!!!!

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