Dogs Get All the Love!

As I mentioned, I work at an International Airport. I see the strangest things…or at least they are strange to me. So there I am standing on the curbside watching people get picked up by they loved one, or at least supposed loved one. Anyway, it never fails…a guy (and the dog, jumping around in the back seat) rolls up to pick up his lady, wife or whatever. He pulls up, get out and walk around to where SHE left the bag for him to DRAG around to the trunk. Meanwhile, she RUNS to the window and practically makes out with the dog…french kissing, patting, rubbing, groping – the whole nine yards. I mean she does everything except get naked and have sex with the dog.

Then that poor old sap, the husband, boyfriend or whatever comes around to the driver’s side only to receive a little peck on the cheek and a side hug…GO FIGURE!!!

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