A Day Without Walls

Sometimes I wonder what the world would be like if we could be totally honest with ourselves and others. I know there have been movies along these lines; like the one with Mel Gipson where he could tell what women were thinking in their minds. Or the one that Jim Carey was in where he couldn’t tell a lie. But let’s scale it back a bit. Let’s say we could have one day when people could simply be themselves. No facades, fakes, embarrassments, etc…what would that look like. I’m not talking about being rude either. For instance, someone is talking to you and you really want to tell them, “would you just please shut the hell up”…lol! I’m sure that happens anyway, but no; not rude like that. Even though I guess if that’s in a person to do then we would have to allow it. Okay, for that sake I guess we need to put some restrictions on this. Let’s say no acts of violence, no breaking the law or anything immoral (and I’ll have to let you define immoral).

 So, what would you do? And what kind of person would you really be?

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