In-Character Interviews

I’ve been having an idea for several years now. I would like to be the one who is recognized for it but that’ll probably never happen.

Anyway, several years ago I was thinking about the people we love to see in the movies. To be honest, it is safe to say that we tend to fall in love with the characters, as well as the actors that play them. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see ACTORS do interviews on the talk shows as their CHARACTERS. For instance, Denzel Washington going on the View as that rogue cop in Training Day (yeah, I know he died at the end of the movie but you get my point). What about Halle Berry as Storm from X-Men…what about Wolverine; now that would be awesome!

Lol…it’s probably to late for him now, but could you imagine seeing Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry on the Today show? Will Smith would be outrageous as Hancock on the Tonight Show.

What character interview would you love to see?

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