Sex, Betrayal and Drama

This morning I watched a television show that was filled with sex, betrayal, thievery and violence. I only caught the last 15 minutes or so of the program but it had me intrigued. This guy, his wife and kid came to town and swindled their way into staying a with some family. The guy was one of those fast talkers who seems to always want quick way to make a buck. The wife was the actually family member, and was just excited to see family. And the son, well I’m sure you can guess was a bonehead. He tried to hit on and practically rape his half cousin. But her brother wasn’t having none of that so they end up battling it out. He was getting whooped until he picked up a pitch fork and was actually about to use it.

The television show I was watching was the Walton’s. ImageCan you imagine! Yep, full of the same type of stuff we see on TV today. But there was something quite different. Even though I knew what was going on, and what was being portrayed, it was still clean and wholesome. It was something I wouldn’t mind my kids watching. But of course, they wouldn’t give it a second glance…and neither would some of us. Sometimes I find myself flicking through the TV channels at night and end up on an old black & white from back in the day. Yeah, those productions don’t have all of the high explosive special effects, and the women aren’t walking around in tiny purple panties…but the shows are good. Ya know, if you take the time to sit and enjoy the art of telling a story, instead of being drawn in by the technology of today, I think some of you may actually like the old school movies and shows. Don’t laugh, but I used to love to watch Little House on the Prairie. Of course, not until my adult years. And it didn’t happen until I was going through those bouts of loneliness and depression. I would come home from work, lay on the couch and ended up on one of those episodes of Little House on the Prairie.

I know old television is not for everyone….but I encourage everyone who is “Overcoming” something to take a step back to when life was much simpler. And one way to do that is to slow down a little and enjoy some of the old days of television. In a silly kind of way it can help you feel clean again. Oh, and don’t worry…you’ll still find a lot of sex, betrayal and drama too!

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