10 Things I Hate

1. People who file these frivolous law suits. This family sued a sports team and complex because “THEIR” underage daughter was drinking at a tailgate party. She drove away and was killed in an auto accident. SHE was driving and SHE was drunk and THEY are blaming everyone in the world except THEMSELVES and THEIR Daughter. Yes, it is a tragic situation and a life is lost. And for that I’m sympathetic. Never mind that the daughter didn’t have a ticket to the event, nor ever entered the facility. Another one that really burns my butt is when these parents want to sue to allow their kid to join a special group. Like the ones that wanted their SON to be allowed to join the GIRL scouts. Never mind that there is a thing called the BOY scouts. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!

2. Women who wear tops with their breast propped up and popped out and then have the nerve to act offended when men stare.

3. People at restaurants who act like they are at home so they let their kids scream and tear up the place. Hey, we paid our money to enjoy the mood. We’ve already learned how to tune out the low rumble of 100 people talking, dishes clashing and forks clanking. WE should have to tune out your child too!

4. OBAMACARE – Nuff said!

5. Irrational explanations – I hate when people give answers that don’t make any sense. You might as well just tell me a good lie and be done with it.

6. The differences between my wife and I – We are like oil and water, night and day. Our personalities are very different, or views on a lot of things are different, etc. After 15 years something has got to change.

7. Women who burp and fart out loud. I’m sorry but it is simply UN-lady like.

8. Being horny and not getting satisfied.

9. The Fake Smile – Ya know when you’re walking along and someone (typically female) is walking towards you and they give you that “fake smile” or grin. Nope, keep it to yourself.

10. Me….at least for the moment.

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