Scott McFadden

Everybody needs a Scott McFadden on their team! I’m sure non of you know who Scott McFadden is, but I’m sure many of you know the type of person I’m talking about. Scott McFadden is an old Army buddy of mine. I was stationed with him in Germany. He was the type of guy that did everything nobody else wanted to do. He was always moving around and working. At the time I was a young kid and took advantage of it most of the time. But 25 years later I know the value of someone like that on your team. A Scott McFadden is someone you can count on when the going gets tough. He is someone that will get the job done without all the complaining, back talking and foolishness…He’s someone you can rely on. I can remember the days when we would be in the field, playing war (so to speak). Anybody who has been in the Army back in the day knows what a pot-belly stove is. There were times when the pot-belly stove went out in the middle of the night and guess who it was who got out of his sleeping bag to get it going again….Yep! Scott McFadden. When everyone else was curled up freezing their butts off, he would be the one to get up and save the night. There were so many other things but that was one of the most memorable things that stood out to me.

Good old Scott McFadden!

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