My Sugar Mama

I remember back in the day, I had buddies who had girls that would buy them stuff. Yes, I was jealous too! For a kid in high school that’s the good life. Just like having a girlfriend that was “giving it up”. It wasn’t until much later in life that I had my very own Sugar Mama. I don’t know if it was a cultural thing since she was from the Philippines. Those women tend to take care of their man by doing anything and everything they want.

Anyway, it was cool when we first started kicking it. I really can’t use the term “dating” because I don’t even think we actually went out on a date. I sure we did, but it was so long ago I actually don’t remember. Most of the time we spent was at her apartment. She was very attractive and had a body that was a 10. I used to see her at work all the time when she went on her breaks and lunch. Of course all the guys would give their little cat calls to her as she walekd by but she would just smile and keep going. One day I went into the employee locker room and she was at her locker. I walked up and said, “so when are we going to go out”. To my surprise she said something like, “you don’t want to go out with me”. We kind of chit-chatted for a while and she gave me her phone number. I ended up calling her and we talked on the phone for a few days, back and forth. One day she invited me over for dinner. When I say dinner, I mean dinner…it was just me and her but she cooked enough for an army. Anyway, I knew it was going to be a GOOD night when she asked me if I watched rated X movies. “I know the men like these” she said, in her thick accent. So she put a video on and went back into the kitchen. I started saying to myself, “yes, I’ve struck gold”.sugarmama

Well, she brought out dinner and we ate and talked and laughed and yes….screwed our brains out! Well, let me say she screwed my brains out. She went and took a shower and came out with that long jet black curly hair, that flowed down her back. She got on top of me and rode like a champ…letting that long hair hang down in my face.

For the next few months I didn’t have to lift a finger. Anything I told her I needed she would get it or do it. It started when my car broke down. I told her how much it would cost to repair and she gave me the money just like that. I wasn’t expecting it at all…she just said “here, you gotta get your car fixed right” and handed me the money. Then a few weeks later I hinted that I wanted to get my car painted and she gave me the money. That’s when I started getting spoiled. She would ask me if I ate yet or was I hungry. The times I said yes, she would give me like $20 and sometimes $40 to go get me something to eat. Yes, one time she handed me a $100 bill just if I needed something. I soon started feeling weird. I didn’t like it anymore. She would wait on me hand and foot and it just started feeling weird. I felt smothered! It was too much. Wow, imagine that. All the times I was jealous of my boys who had girls who would buy them stuff, screw their brains out and suck their @#$%’s and now that I got it I don’t want it. So, I stopped calling her and stopped going over to her apartment. I still had to see her at work but it was only during breaks and I would avoid her at all costs. It all blew up when a buddy of mine called me up and asked me if I wanted to hang out. He had met this girl and they were going out but she wanted to bring her friend along so he called me. I told him sure, and they came by my apartment. The friend was pretty…kind of sexy too! So we were outside on the steps talking when, guess who showed up!!!!! Yes, it was the Sugar Mama! She had called me earlier that day and I told her me and my buddy were going to go hang out. Anyway, there she was at the bottom of the steps looking up at me and this other girl. Needless to say that night didn’t go too well.

After that my Sugar Mama soon turned into a Salty Mama and it was all over. Ya know, I saw her here at that airport several months ago. I don’t think she saw me and if she did then we both were trying to act like we didn’t see each other.

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