Why do people cheat?

While there are no excuses for cheating on your spouse or girl/boy friend, there are on the other hand numerous reasons. I suppose there is a difference between men and women; however, I would say there is also a commonality. Again, we’re talking about reasons and not excuses!


I’ve recently gotten hooked on the new television series called Betrayal. Two totally different women and two totally different men who all seem to have fallen into pit of lust…love and betrayal. But why? Why would a happily married man or woman cheat on their spouse. Well, there is the kicker….”happily”. I’m sure there are going to be many people out there who are so innocent that they have NEVER committed anything wrong…no crimes and no sin in their lives. For those people, I guess this post is not for you. In fact, please sprinkle some of your magic powder on the rest of us heathens so we can be good too, lol! But seriously, what is happiness. And why would the lack there of cause someone to step outside of their marriage for whatever reason…be it sex, companionship, fulfillment, lust, etc.

The first young lady, who is gorgeous by the way, seems like a normal passionate woman. She feels neglected and unnoticed by her husband, and somewhat empty in her job. And she’s a photographer so she is on the creative side of the spectrum of life. Creative people need excitement, exhilaration and fulfillment in their life….that’s me! Her husband is a prosecutor and it totally consumed with his work. He is totally “focused driven” and is happy with his job and this makes him content in his marriage. In fact, I would say he is more married to his job than to his wife. This leaves her in the prime spot to be mind stroked; which is exactly what happened. Remember, she is the creative type so she needs excitement, exhilaration and fulfillment and a conversation with a young hot stud who can give her that is in the house jack…or should I say bed, couch or wherever that lustful moment happen. Such a moment only makes the sex foolishly intense and spell bounding. How can the “other” spouse compete with that. It takes a person back to the days of youthful puppy love.

I’m not a relationship expert, nor do I have a degree in Love 101, so let me just talk about me. Why did I cheat? Well, I can honestly tell you that the reason I cheated the first time has crept back up on me again. I’ve said that I would NEVER do that again. It has cause so much mess in my marriage that it is just not worth it. I mean, a person should consider just leaving the marriage before cheating. I think we need some sort of marriage counseling because divorce is not an option. There doesn’t seem to be any life in my marriage. No spontaneity, no passion, no fun! I want to laugh, joke, and smile with my wife. I want to hold her in my arms and feel the same reciprocal hold coming back towards me. I want to kiss her like a man kisses a woman and not like I”m kissing one of the Mothers of the church. I want to be able to ride in the car without 20 – 30 minutes of silence or listening to the radio, or trying to hurry up and get to where we’re going so I can get out of this car. I want to be able for us to be able to speak to each other freely without judgement. I want for her to desire and engage me sexually and not settle for or same old sex routine (whenever we do have sex).

I can hear some of you out there now saying…”brother, you want a mistress”…lol!!!!! No I want my wife. That’s how marriage should be. It shouldn’t be dull and disparaging. Every single comment shouldn’t be grounds for disagreement or an argument….and everything should be an offense towards one another. To be honest, I think we’ve wounded each other so much that we’ve become immune to giddiness of a relationship. Not just a marriage relationship, but just a simple relationship.

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