Remembering When

Mt Egmont / Taranaki

I remember the days when I could just get in my car and go. Didn’t have much but life was like an open road. It’s like that when you’re young. Isn’t it funny how when we were kids, just teenagers, we wanted to grow up so fast so we could leave the house or do our own thing. I wish I could just grab some young person by the shoulders and shake’em and say….HEY, enjoy being a kid as long as you can.

I’m 43 yrs old now and I miss my old High School days; messed up life and all. And let’s not talk about my first Army duty station in Germany. I must admit though, I hated it at first. When I arrived in country it was cold, foggy and looked like something from the old TV show Hogan’s Heroes. But after a few weeks…it was on!!!!

But all of that is the past and today is here. I can’t live in the past, and those memories definitely can’t fix today.

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