Remembering Daddy’s House

I remember the days when I would go to my Grandfather’s house. We all called him Daddy and it didn’t matter who you were. Everybody called him Daddy. He lived in an old shotgun house. Its one of those houses where you can open the front door and literally look all the way through to the back door. There were no angles on the house, kind of like a trailer, except it was an actual house….kind of like this one!

shotgun house

It was a musty old house. It was old and it smelled old, but I loved to go over there. I remember the days when my Grandfather used to sit on the porch and just watch the cars go by. He would keep a big ole glass of ice water, always shaking it to keep it cold. Have you ever drank out of a mayonnaise jar? Well, if you went to his house that is what you got, or an old jelly jar. Yes, they were washed and clean…but the fact is that it was a mayonnaise jar, lol!!! It’s funny, there are places today that serve their drinks in old mason jars….go figure.

My grandfather was innovative too. He rigged up this contraption to where he could turn on the light from his bed. All it was, was a string tied onto the chain the came from the light in the ceiling. He tied the string to the end of the chain and then to the post on his headboard. It worked like a charm too!

Yeah, strange as it may seem my Grandfather didn’t flush the toilet unless it was #2. He grew up during the days when all you had was an outhouse. In fact, before he moved into that old shotgun house, he lived in a house on an old dirt road that had an outhouse. Now I hated going over there and really don’t remember to much about it.

He loved to eat honey buns and would always have a stack of cases of sodas in the kitchen. Yes, the old style bottles that you returned to the grocery store for a deposit. He also kept bananas, cookies and all kinds of stuff like that; mainly for the kids. I often remember waking up to the smell of bone-in ham frying on the stove in one of those black cast iron skillets. He also used to cook his biscuits on the stove too! Put a little lard in the skillet, pop’em open and sit’em right in there.

That old house is not there anymore. In fact, the whole area has been torn down. Some of the area has been rebuild, while much of it has been left to waste away.

I miss Daddy!

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