A Random Poem

Sitting here in the midst of nothingness I dissolve.
Why are the woes of this life picking me apart, like the strings on a guitar.
Am I being plucked for fun…the amusement of a wicket puppet master who doesn’t exist..

Or does he exist?

Honestly, my cares are scarce.
For I’ve spent my last dime on the enjoyment of a merry-go-round.
A fantasy really….it doesn’t exist,
But merry-go-rounds are meant to bring enjoyment to the mind of a child…for which I feel trapped.

Oh, what joys are trapped inside the mind of a child;
Unless the days of his adolescence are filled with pain, loss, separation and such.
Can he truly be content with the memories of the past when they were filled with emptiness, searching for a love that snatched from him before his very eyes.

But what does today bring,
Is there peace, is there joy…or is there even the slightest chance at release of these woes.


Enough for now!

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