We’re all addicted to something at one point in our lives. Either it be the smooth creamy taste of your favorite ice cream, or the mind blowing high you get from your drug of choice. I know, I know…what about sex? Yes, one of the most tantalizing addictions of your secret life.

But what about those addictions that don’t seem like addictions at all. What about loneliness, saddness and anger? Yeah, who wants to be lonely or sad and how can one be addicted to it. The World Dictionary defines addiction as:

the condition of being abnormally dependent on some habit, esp compulsive dependency on narcotic drugs

Is a woman who continuously goes back to a boyfriend who beats her addicted to the pain of his fists…I would think not. But if she has the habit of returning to him time and time again, wouldn’t that fit the definition of addiction. Anyway, this post is not about her, him or them. I’m just randomly talking about being in a place, state of mind or condition that seem addicting if you look at it. Have you ever met a person who didn’t seem content unless they were in the middle of some BS…always causing drama. Or what about being sad, mad or lonely. It’s easy to tell that person to snap out of it; but what if they can’t. Women have always tried to set up their girlfriend, who seems to be lonely or what have you. But what if she’s been in that condition for so long, she becomes addicted to it.

So back to me. Man, I think I’ve been feeling the pain of everything that has happened to me during my life that I can’t really move forward. I’ve gotten married…divorced…married again, committed adultery…and all the while I haven’t been truly happy. There was a brief moment of time I spent with a young lady in which the jury is still out on that. It’s the classic “the one that got away” story.

Oh well!!!!!!

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