We All Have Something to Offer!

Years ago, we had a standing basketball game on Monday’s after work. A group of us would go drive far across town just to play basketball. I guess it was worth it though. One of the guys was a member at this church and he had the keys to the gym…so we had the whole place to ourselves.

Anyway, one day this guy showed up, wanting to play. I think he was a member of the church. The problem was that he couldn’t play a lick. He was big and clumbsy and I’m sure you can imagine that no one wanted him on their team. Well, needless to say that he would show up every Monday. One day I purposefully picked him to be on my team. No, angels didn’t come down and tell me to pick him. The truth is that I started to see some value in him; and what he added to the team. No, he couldn’t dribble to good, he couldn’t shoot the ball well and the wasn’t that fast either. Although he couldn’t do any of those things he did have something valuable to contribute to the team. What was it, you might ask? Well, one thing that I noticed is that he would always be in the way. And although he wasn’t fast, he would hustle…run around and annoy the person he was guarding. And regardless how good you were, he seemed to always be in the way. When I saw how much he frustrated the opponents (and me too when I was playing against him) I knew he was an asset instead of a nusience. And every now and then he would take a chance and throw the ball up towards the basket. I felt sorry for the poor sap that was guarding him when every now and then it went in. The gym would errupt and everyone would go crazy!

So all in all, this guy did have value. Believe it or not, his contribution to the team was just as valuable as the person who scored the most points. So regardless of who you are, how you feel, what you can and can’t do…Just know that you have purpose and are very VALUABLE!

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