Let’s Write a Story

Years ago a co-worker and I were bored at work. So one day we started writing a story via email. There wasn’t any planning, rules or direction. I simply wrote a paragraph or two and emailed it to her and she would respond with a paragraph or two…and we continued. The story actually turned out pretty good and took some interesting turns.

So let’s do that here….come’on followers, friends and passer by’s; everyone is welcome! Just add your piece to the story via the comment box.

Who knows what we’ll come up with. I’ll start…

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1 Response to Let’s Write a Story

  1. jbphilosophy says:

    It was a tiny little diner, the kind that smells of bacon fat and grease just as you walk in the door. The neon sign outside read, “Good Eats” however one of the o’s had gone out so it read more like, God Eats. Tired and weary I stopped in for a quick bite. My waitress was exactly like you would expect in a place like this. “What kind I get fur ya darling”? she said, as she chewed and popped the gum in her mouth.

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