When the Pursuit Stops

Life is easy, exciting and fun when a man and a woman are dating. He can do no wrong, and just a wiff of her sweet scent and the touch of her skin is enough to make him believe he can take on the world. Why does all that seem to fade as the years of marriage pile up. They say people fall in and out of love during the course of a marriage, so is that true and could that be it??? I don’t know. Of course we all of heard about stories of people who have been married for upwards of 40 – 50 years. Those stories tell of a life of endless love and confessions that they have never fell “out of love”. What did they have back then that we do not have today?

An Old Couple

An Old Couple

What have the years eaten? Misunderstandings are abundant, forgiveness comes at a very difficult and unwilling price and holding back the tongue and thoughts dwindle as each day, week, month and year pass. Isn’t it amazing how husbands and wives are more sympathetic, understanding, easy-going and respectful to their co-workers than their own spouse. We even tend to give the benefit of the doubt to a complete stranger before we do to the one who sleeps in the same bed as we do.

It really burns me up when my wife can talk to the kids, or someone else in a pleasant tone, but in the next breath talk to me with a hidden dose of “oh well”. Yes, we have our moments when we can talk and even laugh together…but by comparison those times are few.

I need to win her back! It just doesn’t make sense to live together, raise our kids and not pursue one another anymore. I must pursue her…I must, if not then what’s left.

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