Dad’s In Trouble…Little Tyrant

Thanksgiving Day morning and I was at work trying to keep some order in the chaos of holiday travelers. Anyway, there was this guy in line with his family (two little girls and his wife). One of the girls was quietly walking along while the other “lil tyrant” was pushing the stroller that I’m assuming she was supposed to be in. I just knew she was going to be a problem when the dad was trying to tell her which way to go, but she wasn’t listening one bit. STRIKE ONE!!! Well, I saw the same family a few minutes later. The little girl was still pushing the stroller and the mom had stepped out of line to go to the restroom. This little girl started to follow behind her and so the dad started to tell her to leave the stroller with him. Well this little girl threw a fit and started screaming. STRIKE TWO!!! The mom turned around and called her name and said, “you want to come with me”. I just turned and walked away. Finally, several minutes had passed and I saw this family again. They were almost to the front of the line and something happened and the dad picked up the little girl. Oh my gosh, you would have thought the world was coming to an end. She started screaming, kicking and flailing back in his arms….then she started swinging and kind of hit him in the shoulder and chest…STRIKE THREE!!!

I wanted to go over there so bad and talk to that dude and say, “man you better get control of that now before she gets older”. Then I wish I had a belt to fire that little butt up. I felt sorry for the people who were going to be on the plane with that little girl. You could tell that she was the kind of child that tears up the house and pretty much does what she wants. Oh no, not in my house.

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