A Women Scorned


I’ve found that there is nothing worse than a woman scorned. Women are not supposed to be hurt so bad that the beautiful color of their rose is diminished by the prick of their thorn. Regardless of what color the rose, red, white, pink, purple, etc…their thorn should not be the part that WE live with.

I do remember the days when my wife’s rose was fragrant. However, I must say that even before the infidelity her thorn came out every now and then; with and without cause I must add.

To be honest, I don’t think we are going to make it. Oh, we may live together, raise our kids together and from time to time have sex together. But I don’t think our relationship will ever be loving anymore. I would love for it to be, but I’m loosing those thoughts more and more. I’ve even found myself becoming more angry as the days, months and years pass. Ya know, screwing another woman was not worth it. But the funny thing about it is that, now days I’m starting to think more and more about it. I’m lonely, unhappy, and even somewhat depressed at times. I don’t even think it is about the sex. I just want to feel again. I want to feel love and be loved. I want to hold a woman and want her to hold me back. I want HER to want me!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know these are the thoughts and feeling that you would contribute to a woman. In fact, some may say how do I have the nerve to have THOSE feelings when I was the one who cheated. Well, that was years ago and I have’em. And the fact is that I can’t change neither one of them!!!!

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11 Responses to A Women Scorned

  1. infinitymadness2 says:

    Why did you stay or do you continue to stay in the relationship if you are not completely happy? Isn’t the ultimate goal to be happy?
    I know life isn’t black and white but isn’t your happiness worth more than whatever reason you decided to stay? Do you think your wife has the same or similar feelings?

    • jbphilosophy says:

      I guess because there is always hope, even if I can’t feel it right now. Did you see the Auburn and Alabama football game? I didn’t but news of the ending is all over the internet. They won the game with “zero” time left on the clock…talk about when ALL SEEMS LOST. Another reason is because I know the devastation it will do to my girls. And that is something I MUST avoid at all costs. It is not just my life that’s at stake, but their future as well.

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