Lucid Dreams

I was scurrying around on the internet and I ran across something called Lucid Dreams. The interesting thing about this is that at one point in my life I used to do this quite often, but just didn’t know there was a name for it. It basically means to actually know when you’re dreaming and to control them, your dreams that is.

I guess this is when my dirty little mind comes out because I used it as a sexual thing. I knew I was dreaming so I would get the most gorgeous woman around and have sex with her. I used to have this reoccurring dream that plagued my mind though. I think I spoke about it in one of my previous posts. In the dream, I would be in a pitch black room. I remember it being a gymnasium or cafeteria. Anyway, I was always in there with a woman but I couldn’t catch her, nor could I see her or even talk to her. Whenever I would catch her we would make love. The strange thing is that we didn’t talk, but I soon came to love this woman. I always new when I was in this dream and so I would start feeling around, looking for her. I kind of new there was something to this but just didn’t know what it was…Lucid Dreaming, Wow!

My dreams are weird now though, or non-existent. Half the time I don’t even remember my dreams, needless to say “control” them. I do remember at one point in my life I wasn’t dreaming at all. They say that we dream every night, but we just don’t remember them. I actually felt and believed that I wasn’t dreaming though. In fact, it bothered me quite a bit. I know that there was something to it because when I started dreaming again, my quality of life changed during that time for the better.

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