Leave Me Alone Please!

Some people can turn their anger off at the drop of a button. Unfortunately, I’m not like that and it does bother me. When I get upset or angry about something, I’m mad…please don’t talk to me, don’t ask me what’s wrong, don’t even look at me. At that point I don’t want to be bothered by anyone. Isn’t it crazy that it is during those times that people want to get up in your face and talk to you. For instance, today was just one of those days. I’m in a horrible mood and I’m mad. I get to work and park in the employee lot. Soon as I enter the lot I see two shuttle buses. Why are there two buses here!!!!!!! Both of them were on the other side of the lot and one was leaving. So I had to walk all the way to the 4th stop to catch the bus. But just as I started in that direction, the second bus starts to leave. So I yell out…Heeeeyyyy!


Well, the bus comes around, pick me up and make another loop. At the 4th stop this guy gets on, and we are the only two people on the bus. I know my face is all jacked up and frumpy and I’m sure he can see I don’t want to be bothered….but what does he do. “Hey, did you see the Bears beat the Cowboys”? I didn’t respond right away because in my head I was saying, “would you please leave me alone”. So after about 5-7 seconds I said, “naaaah”. About a minute passed and he asked me, “so what do you do here”. Now I’m really pissed because he just won’t leave me alone. I told him that I work in Operations. I kind of shifted my weight in the seat and looked the other way. Then he started to say something else and I had to tell him….”look, I’m not in a good mood right now”. He was like, Oh, ok.

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